10 Decor Mistakes Not to Make

  1. Not planning for weather

Make sure you don’t end up soggy or frozen before the party even begins by having a back-up plan for poor weather! Have umbrellas or blankets on hand or an indoor location ready to go!


  1. Thinking every centerpiece needs to be unique

It doesn’t! Guests are focused on the decor at their table. Keep it simple!


  1. Not having an unplugged sign

Not only do phones beep and ring at all the wrong moments, but every photographer will tell you it’s almost impossible to keep those phones out of YOUR pictures if your guests turn into paparazzi…which they will…unless you have a sign!


  1. Thinking DIY is always the cheapest

DIY project are a great way to save a little money and add a personal touch to your wedding day, but they aren’t always the cheapest option. When you account for the price of supplies, the time it takes to complete, and the possibility of things not going to plan and having to start over, the monetary and opportunity costs can add up quickly.


  1. Not considering what your venue looks like when picking decor

Make sure your theme and your venue theme coordinate. They don’t have to be exactly the same, but just make sure they don’t clash!


  1. Not asking for help

Planning a wedding is NOT a one woman or even one couple job! Ask your bridesmaid, mom, and friends to help you make the 1000 decisions and need to make before your big day.


  1. Not having a seating chart

Without a seating chart a few of your aunts and uncles may have to sit with your high school friends and others may feel left out and lost. A seating chart gives people direction and ensures there will be no awkward encounters. Place cards aren’t always needed, but a seating chart is a must!


  1. Not hiring a coordinator

Your coordinator is there to make sure you and all of your guests can relax and enjoy the day! No one needs to check and see if the caterer is coming, no one needs to know how to setup your centerpieces…your coordinator has your back!


  1. Forgetting about the ceremony

Many brides are so concerned about how the reception is going to look/taste/sound that they put off making decisions about the ceremony! What kind of decor do you need? What music is going to be playing? Will guests seat themselves or will you have ushers?


  1. Not thinking of your wedding as a celebration

Remember your wedding reception is a party! You’re getting married! So many brides get caught up in the production of it all…just remember to have fun!