Discover TheWorld’s Largest Casinos

The World’s Biggest Casinos

Bigger is better, that is the case with most things if we’re being completely honest about it.  Casinos are one of these things. Some of these institutions have been built to mammoth proportions to ensure an out of this world experience. It’s gone beyond simply being the home of slot machines and poker tables, it is now a place to shop, discover unique culinary experiences and even provide accommodation.

They’re over the top and incredibly alluring, which all attributes to its success. We’ll show you just how big some of the casinos are.

  1. WinStarWorld Casino: This casino is the biggest in the entire world and takes up 600,000 square feet. Located in Oklahoma, USA, which is a strange location for a casino, this casino features over 7000 machines, over 100 tables and a hall that offers the kind of Bingo Australia enjoys and players all over the world love. It also has a non-smoking poker room.

Adding to the appeal of it all is the resort’s very own golf course, spa, night club, sports lounge, pool bar and eight gaming plazas. Each of these plazas has been named after cities from across the globe while the hotel echoes the international feel as well. Another must-see? The Global Event Centre can fit 3500 people and a Colosseum that seats 7700 people.

  • The Venetian Macau: This casino is the seventh biggest building in the world. The 39-storey buildingtakes up 10,500,000 square feet and can be found in Macau, China. It is home to over 6000 machines and 800 tables in addition to the hotel complex. It’s an exciting and vibrant gambling experience that should be on your bucket list.
  • City of Dreams: Another beauty found in Macau, China that takes up more space than you could ever imagine. It takes up 420,000 square feet and is home to over 1500 machines, 450 Blackjack, Roulette and Poker tables, four spas and hotels, VIP area and retail space. There are also over 30 restaurants and bars available if you’re looking for an exciting night out. There are also art exhibits, night clubs and a water theatre.
  • Foxwoods: 340,000 square feet giant is located in Connecticut, USA.It consists of six casinos, 3400 machines and 250 tables. If you need retail therapy, it also has a shopping centre and several boutiques. If you’re hungry, you can choose one of 55 eating establishments to fuel your passion.
  • Wynn: The Chinese district of Macau is home to multiple casino giants; in case the list didn’t give it away. This beast takes up 273,000 square feet and comfortably fits a spa, art gallery, pool, fine dining restaurants and designer shops. There are slots, Poker games that rival what you’d find online, table games, Video poker and hundreds of other options all under one roof. They also havethe hypnotic Performance Lake, a must-see attraction that features, light, music and fire.

Do You Have What It Takes to Take on The Giants?

Whether you’re looking for a unique holiday experience or want to take your gambling experience to the next level, visiting one of these giants is a sure-fire way to get the job done. It also provides a memorable experience that you can tell everyone back home about.