Doctor or Nurse: Please, Please, Please Talk to an Attorney Before You Talk to an Investigator

In Florida, You DO NOT Have to Speak to an Investigator!

Despite mailing out hundreds of heaps of postcards and letters to physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and psychologists at some point of Florida, we preserve to get hold of calls from new clients and from potential clients, when they have already spoken to and made vital harmful admissions in opposition to their own interests to investigators. In Florida, you do now not have any responsibility to cooperate with any investigator who’s investigating you. This extends to Department of Health (DOH) investigators (who are every so often titled “Medical Quality Assurance Investigators” or “Medical Malpractice Investigators”), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) unique agents, cops, sheriff’s deputies, or crook Private investigators of any type.

Investigators are NOT on Your Side.

Let me country this as succinctly and sincerely as viable. If you’re being investigated, you may no longer be better off making a assertion. You will now not be better off explaining your aspect of the tale. The investigator isn’t always your friend. The investigator isn’t always for your side. All you’re doing is falling for a trick and helping the government to make a case against you.

Protect Yourself and Your License.

You have a right underneath the U.S. Constitution to not make any statement that can be used in opposition to you. This is so essential that in criminal instances authorities investigators are required to recommend you of this through reciting to you your Miranda rights.

However, in cases where you would possibly have your scientific license revoked or have your nursing license revoked or have your DEA variety revoked or lose your Medicare company reputation or your Medicaid company repute, the investigator isn’t required to advocate you of your rights.

In a criminal case, there may be approaches to have your declaration thrown out. However, in a expert licensing case or different administrative case, it is able to be too late to keep away from the harm. You can be the pleasant witness the government has and you’ll be the best witness the government desires to show this example towards you.

In the case wherein you may obtain a $a hundred crook quality, the investigators are required to read you your constitutional Miranda rights and to ensure that you apprehend them earlier than you’re making a announcement. However, in a case where you can lose your professional license, in which you can lose your livelihood and ability to make a living, in which you may lose the whole lot you have labored so difficult to achieve, they’re now not required to do that. You need to defend yourself.

Many health professionals, while confronted by means of an investigator, who will usually name at a completely inconvenient time (to trap you by way of wonder) and will typically flash a badge (to intimidate you), will refuse to renowned the seriousness of the problem and will fall for the bait to “tell their aspect of the tale.” This may be fatal for your defense and deadly on your license.

Do NOT Admit to Anything; Anything You Say May Ruin Your Defense.

In the absence of a announcement through the suspect (in this example, permit’s count on that is YOU), the government might also have a very tough time of proving that you have devoted any offense. It may produce other witnesses (who might not be round on the time of any hearing or trial). It may additionally have a variety of physical proof or files. But it could be not possible for the government investigators to make any hyperlink between you and the evidence, until you help the investigators do that. You would be amazed at what number of health specialists consider that they could simply speak their way out of the scenario; in fact, they’re simply giving proof this is used to make the case against them.

Any proof in any respect, simply admitting that you have been there, admitting that the files are yours, admitting that the patient was yours, admitting that you labored on the health facility, admitting that you wrote the prescription, admitting that the property is yours, admitting which you had been on obligation at the time, admitting that you have taken a drug, admitting that you signed the form, can be a vital piece of proof that couldn’t in any other case be demonstrated without your very own testimony.

Remember, this is the investigators’ process and profession. This is what they do full time, each day. And they are superb at it. They are 1,000 times better at getting you to confess the vital factors of a disciplinary infraction than you are in “speakme your manner out of it.” They will not be satisfied through any excuses you are making. They do now not need to be. They will now not be the ones making the very last decision towards you. Theirs is the process of putting together the case in opposition to you. You will assist them by means of speaking to them, explaining why your decisions are accurate, explaining why what you probably did is excusable, and many others. It will no longer paintings. You will simply be giving them sufficient rope to hold you with.

Determining the Purpose of the Investigation.

Hint: If it is a Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) unique agent (investigator), you’re in all likelihood below research for Medicaid fraud.

Hint: If it’s miles an “auditor,” “surveyor” or “investigator” from an organisation or organization with “integrity” or “software integrity” in its call, they’re likely investigating you for “loss of integrity,” i.E., false claims or fraud.

Hint: If it is a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) unique agent (investigator) they’re probably investigating you to prosecute you or to revoke your DEA registration for drug or prescribing violations.

Hint: If it’s miles an Office of the Inspector General (OIG) special agent (investigator), you are in all likelihood under investigation for Medicare fraud or Medicare false claims.

Hint: If it’s miles a Department of Health Quality Assurance Investigator or Medical Malpractice Investigator, they are in all likelihood best investigating possible disciplinary motion towards your license that would result in huge administrative fines or revocation of your license.

You Cannot Outsmart the Investigator; Do Not Try to Talk Your Way Out.

Do not agree with for a 2d which you are smarter than the investigator. Do not agree with for a 2d that you will convince the investigator (or all and sundry else) that there is a felony or clinical justification for what you did or what they allege. If it were as simple as that, then why might there be an investigation and why might you be the one being investigated?

Additionally, do not trust for a 2nd that you could lie your manner out of it, either. Remember, if the government cannot show the simple offense that it’s far investigating towards you, it could be able to prove which you have committed perjury or lied to an investigator. In the case of a federal official or a federal research, simply creating a fake assertion (oral or written) to an investigator is a crook act. This is what Martha Stewart and plenty of others have served time for in federal prisons.

These investigators are lied to all of the time. They are normally better at detecting lies than a polygraph expert is. Furthermore, in most instances, you’ll be the final character to be interviewed. Therefore, they’ll already realize pretty much the whole lot that can be used against you. If your assertion contradicts in any manner what others have advised them, they will recognise you are the one who’s lying. However, knowing some thing or suspecting some thing does not mean it will likely be something that may be confirmed in courtroom or in an administrative hearing.

Consult an Attorney Before You Do or Say ANYTHING.

It is tons better to make no declaration in any respect. Blame it on your legal professional. Tell the investigator that your legal professional will kill you in case you had been to talk to the investigator with out your lawyer being there in advance of time. “Speak to my lawyer.” “My lawyer can help you, I can not.”

All you have to do is nation “I should communicate to my attorney earlier than I say some thing.” “I may have my attorney touch you.” “I can not say something until I speak to my lawyer.” “I want a legal professional.”

If you are not the only being investigated, then there may be no true motive why the investigator would want you to make a announcement before you consulted along with your lawyer. What is the frenzy?

Then you ought to also avoid the old trick of the investigator telling you “If you do not have something to hide, why would you need a lawyer?” Please do not fall for this trick, either. This is America. Smart humans and wealthy human beings spend quite a few cash on attorneys and different professionals to represent them and endorse them. There is a good motive why they do this.

Far too often the health expert best calls us after he has given a statement. This is normally too late to avoid an awful lot of the damage with a view to were be induced.

Everything above applies to oral statements or written statements. Do now not make both. Contact a attorney as soon as viable, preferably earlier than making any assertion, no matter how simple, defensive, self-serving or innocuous you may think it to be.

Think of this as an intelligence test. Are you smart enough to follow this guidance and keep away from this form of mistake?

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