Folks are Fearful of the US and Global Economy – Worried About Financial Armageddon – Don’t Be

Not lengthy in the past, an acquaintance were on-line travelling various conspiracy idea web sites. Yes, I am sure we’ve got all study a headline somewhere and ended up at this sort of sites, however it has simply affected his potential to think. Now he is worried about the Dollar Collapsing after it’s miles unseated from its role at a worldwide reserve forex. Well, it is now not going to appear, so I informed him no longer to fear approximately, nonetheless he’s unconvinced as many are, and he stated; watch game of thrones online free

“the IMF is pushing for a worldwide foreign money (the Bancor?) and China unloading U.S dollars.”

Well, definitely, I’ve noticed them buying treasuries thru hidden entities at the London Exchange, however China pretends to play hard ball. Where else can they discover a secure haven? And contemporary treasury action became one of the most powerful in current periods. Snapped up and long past extremely fast. My acquaintance tells me the issues pass deeper than this, and that China and Russia, the French are assembly with OPEC to get them to switch currencies while buying and selling in bucks.

Still, if China is unloading bucks based on their meeting with OPEC, or an statement of a new alliance to de-throne the dollar because the Word’s reserve forex, then they might make some money briefly after the information hits the media, however then things will normalize after all and sundry realizes that’s approximately the stupidest issue they could ever do.

It sounds to me that my conspiracy theorist acquaintance is looking a few vintage YouTube video of doom and gloom, as this isn’t honestly information, each country at one time or some other attempts to alternate the guidelines of the game to choose their personal pastimes. Still, he is unconvinced and tells me;

“The replacement of the $ as a world reserve currency ending our cheap oil and creating HUGE inflation – all of the repercussions of outrageous gasoline and diesel costs (food expenses and so on. Causing mass shortages).”

But unluckily, they’d be stupid to do that, yes, Russia has been pushing for this along side all of the BRIC nations, but it is just speak. They met earlier than the G7, G20 in Canada, so this isn’t information, it is not applicable these days, proper now. And be sure in this point; the USA will get our oil, do not worry, if we have to pay extra, or the dollar briefly tanks, then oil will shoot up per $’s, that’s bad for financial system.

Further, Saudi Arabia must hold with us, and that they run OPEC. Besides if OPEC modifications that transitional chaos will sink it, exporting international locations will wreck ranks and then we are able to have “actual oil charges” based on unfastened markets! My acquaintance noted that; “China and Russia talks of buying and selling with each other’s foreign money.”

Big deal, precise for them, in the event that they sincerely think that’s secure, I wouldn’t neither of their currencies is legitimate (valuation) or with out hazard. Besides they have got already commenced, something you read have to be approximately three-6 months antique. The video and internet site he visited changed into speakme of doom and gloom, apocalyptic degree Armageddon and he’s quite shaken as he says with a worried tone; “There become plenty extra but this was awful sufficient, if this stuff are authentic then what is going to forestall us from total financial disintegrate (as we are the largest debtors in the international).”

Don’t fear I informed him, the FED can or will replace the debt in the event that they had too, they have already been working towards. The international will damage itself if they did this now. The Japanese are at 2 hundred% of GDP in debt. And in reality it’s far China which wishes to stabilize their foreign money and allow it to sign up for the Dollar, Yen, Euro as a basket of global reserve currencies, but they don’t want to acquiesce. They are going to ruin themselves over their stubbornness. That’s k, now not for his or her 1.3 Billion human beings, but for different rising nations if they implode, and it would be a run for safe haven, the entire wealth of China would RUN to the United States, can you even consider? Wow. Lastly, he asks;

“Should I be very concerned?”

NO. But you have to fear your fear.