How Safe Is Your Oven Door? Exploding Oven Door Glass Is More Common Than You Think!

Is your oven door about to explode?

I received a call to do a cleaning on a KitchenAid double wall oven in which the inner glass panel at the oven door exploded for no obvious motive. Upon arrival, a majority of the glass changed into cleaned up but there was still lots of small portions of glass imbedded into every crevice as well as the interior of the oven become lined with a satisfactory layer of glass dirt and particulates. The owners said that they had a few reworking work done currently and the contractor turned the ovens self smooth mode on whilst the glass exploded. My first reaction changed into the contractor did some thing to reason this however the owner stood company as this was no longer the case Glas Geschirr Vivo.

While I hadn’t in my opinion seen the glass on an oven door shattered earlier than, I even have heard of it taking place. In my research to look what would purpose this it came to mild that that is a more not unusual problem than I realized. But how does this appear – how can the glass explode for no obvious cause? Isn’t the glass tempered and alleged to be stronger than everyday glass?

Is it not unusual for oven door glass to blow up for no cause?

I did a few studies on line and couldn’t locate an genuine number of lawsuits filed every yr. There failed to seem to be one manufacturer with more court cases over any other or if it was more not unusual for the indoors glass to blow up over the exterior glass or vice-verse. While there appears to be no centrally documented place wherein the majority of lawsuits are made, I did note there are loads of proceedings littering the web from people with all the same testimonial of listening to an explosion of their kitchen and finding 1,000,000 pieces of glass throughout their kitchen ground. A few lawsuits that the glass exploded at some point of the self easy mode even as quite some complained the glass exploded when they hadn’t even used the oven in a few days.

In a customer information brief by using KOMO Channel 4 News in Seattle they nation “Repair experts point out that the variety of glass shattering cases is highly small in comparison to the thousands and thousands of ovens available on the market. But, given the pages of federal incident reports, customer who have treated the hassle marvel why there were no safety indicators.”

What is tempered glass?

The glass in your oven door is tempered. Tempered glass by definition consistent with the National Glass Association (NGA) “A robust break-resistant type of protection glass that, if broken, shatters into small granular pieces. Glass warmth-handled to face up to extra than everyday forces on its floor” Uhh..Positive, that explains lots!? How about – Tempered glass is manufactured using excessive heat and a fast quiet down making it four to 5 instances more potent than ordinary glass. When tempered glass breaks it’s far designed to “explode” into small oval-formed pebbles or portions in place of shards. Tempered glass can resist high heat and heavy hundreds however can also be very brittle specifically round the rims and when subjected to blunt force from something with a point.

What causes tempered glass to break?

During the technique of tempering the glass is heated upwards of 720 ranges and hastily cooled the usage of cool air to alternate its molecular shape. It isn’t uncommon for the glass to develop small unseen pressure fractures at some stage in this method. These strain fractures may additionally ruin all through the tempering process or can also never spoil, there may be just no guarantee what is going to occur or when.

What are the producer’s doing approximately this?

The usual normal declaration could be “We take purchaser protection extreme”; positive you’re however what are you doing about it? Other than “looking into the problem” and in some cases changing the glass without spending a dime, they’re basically doing not anything about it. Why? Because there isn’t some thing they could do approximately it; they haven’t any manipulate over the glass making technique nor can they assure the glass won’t ever wreck.

Check your owner’s guide Care and Use guide. The producers have included a declaration basically stating the glass would be replaced if broken inside the first year of installation but after that it’d be taken into consideration consumer failure and abuse and all expenses to replace the glass might fall upon the proprietor.

How can you prevent glass breakage?

You can’t repair what you cannot see proper? While there are won’t be anything you can do because of the unforeseen stress fractures inside the glass, you could help save you growing new fractures or assist save you the prevailing fractures from expanding by means of:

Don’t slam or allow the oven door slam closed
Make sure the racks are completely driven in earlier than final the door
Don’t drop hard or sharp objects at the door whilst its open (I recognise, silly comment)
If the rims of the glass are uncovered at the outdoor of the door make certain you guard them from pots and pans or difficult gadgets.
Don’t drip bloodless drinks onto the glass when it’s warm.
Don’t use your self-clean feature (Yes, I said it!)
*The self easy mode heats the oven upwards of 900 to 1200 ranges (glass is tempered at kind of 720 degrees) The excessive warmth of the self clean mode may additionally affect the shape of the glass over the years in case you use yourself easy mode frequently.

Nobody intends to by chance drop something on their oven door or hit it with a sharp object however recognize that if you do, you might not reason or see any harm today however someday your glass may also explode for no apparent reason and you could appearance returned and marvel.

What to do in case your oven door glass explodes

Take pix of the harm and surrounding region
Call the manufacturer and file a grievance
File a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission
If your oven warranty has expired, be prepared to pay for the substitute your self.
Thoroughly vacuum and deep easy your oven by way of hand. Do no longer use the self clean mode with the glass lacking! There may be chunks of glass in between the door and cabinet frame, glass dust and small particulates within the convection fan cover or coating the upper heating element. You need to make sure no glass residue receives into your meals.

If you are within the market to buy a brand new oven I incredibly recommend reading online reviews or getting a duplicate of Consumer Reports and getting to know what different buyers are announcing. Sure, there can be an oven you have your thoughts set on because it looks nice or has a few bells and whistles but if there are lots of court cases than perhaps you must be looking at a exceptional version.

Have you ever experienced your oven door glass exploding? If so, tell me about it and what did you do to get it replaced?

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