How to Configure a Linksys Router

The article intends to describe the system of configuring a Linksys router. The instructions were complied in a simple and easy to understand way. However, it’s far nonetheless counseled that users follow and implement those instructions as they’re. Doing so will shop them from strolling into problems and consequently calling up Linksys router guide for help.

Do you want help configuring your Linksys router? Well, you can desire to configure Linksys router for wireless connection, DSL connection, firewall, or as an get entry to point or transfer and so on. Though it’s miles simpler to perform the router configuration than any other task, you can still face issue while doing so. Don’t fear! The underneath mentioned guide will assist you perform the configuration procedure on your very own, thereby sidelining the want of contacting Linksys technical assist.


For DSL Connection:

First make certain that you have an energetic internet connection, a valid username and password for the DSL account, and the e-mail address and password from your internet service issuer (ISP). Also ensure that the internet works after you make a wired connection of your laptop to the DSL modem.

When achieved checking, disconnect all of the gadgets which include pc connected in your Linksys router and hard reset it using a pointy, skinny pin. Insert the pin into the Reset hole (can be placed the lower back of the router), press it and keep it for 7-10 seconds. The lights will flicker as soon as, restoring the router to default settings. It have to be referred to that every one your configured settings will be lost after resetting the router.

Wait for the router to show on (the energy mild ought to be regular inexperienced). Connect your DSL modem to the router’s net port (placed at the back). Now reconnect your PC to the any of the 4 LAN ports of the router. When linked nicely, the corresponding lights on the router will mild up.

Connect to the internet if no longer linked mechanically after turning on the pc. Open up your internet browser and sort ‘’ (without fees and as is) in the cope with bar. Hit Enter at the keyboard to continue to the

When prompted for a username and password, type those inside the applicable bins after which click at the Login button or alternatively press Enter to continue. Check your router documents in case you are unsure of the login credentials.

When logged in to the router interface, click at the Setup tab, pick PPPoE from the dropdown menu subsequent to Internet Connection Type and input your username and password given via ISP in the relevant fields. Click to set the Keep Alive Radial Period option to 30 seconds after which click on the Save Settings button.

Click at the Status tab and check whether you are related or no longer. If you no longer linked, then hit the Connect button. If linked, continue to configure your router as preferred for wireless settings. If not related, choose the Setup tab once more and pick out Automatic Configuration DHCP from the dropdown list beside Internet Connection Type. Click at the Save Settings button and go out the router interface. Do not exit the interface if you want to configure the wi-fi settings.

For Wireless Connection:

Click at the Wireless tab (at the router’s interface) and customise your wi-fi community settings. Give a name on your wi-fi community like ‘domestic’ (any call of your desire), pick the channel no. From the dropdown menu, and click to Enable the Wireless SSID broadcast. The endorsed channels for the router are 1, 6, and 11. Click on Save Settings to keep the adjustments.

Click on the Wireless tab once more and then choose Wireless Security. Select WEP or WPA Pre-Shared Key relying on what kind of safety your wi-fi adapter helps. For WEP, input any passphrase after which click on on Generate to gain the WEP safety key. Note down the important thing on a chunk of paper and preserve it secure as you will require it to attach for the first time. For WPA, simply input your pre-shared key. You must note it down on a chunk of paper as you would require it hook up with the wireless connection. Click at the Save Settings button.

Highlight the Setup tab again and navigate to the Local IP Address container. Type ‘’ and then click on Save Settings to save the adjustments. Power cycle all of the gadgets viz. Router, modem, and laptop and anticipate a minute. Turn the gadgets on and hook up with wi-fi connection at the pc(s) the usage of the community security key (WEP or WPA).

Additional Tips:

If you’re not able to browse wirelessly, make certain that your internet browser isn’t walking any proxy server or contact configurar router movistar .

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