How to Make Sure Your Clearabee Rubbish Removal does not Include Clothing


Did you know that around 5% of the waste held in landfill is textile? Unwanted clothing is taking up so much space in landfill, space that humans desperately need on the planet. Not only that but dumping unwanted clothing in landfill leads to it decomposing through anaerobic methods because of the lack of oxygen. This emits greenhouse gases that escape into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. For every 100 million pounds of clothing that are recycled rather than dumped, we can save so much in terms of emissions, so much so, that it is equivalent to taking 26000-35000 cars off of the road. Recycling textiles can be easy, there are so many different ways to get involved. We’ll show you some methods that you can use, but remember that if you use Clearabee for rubbish removal we will ensure that whatever we collect that can be recycled is.

Use your charity shop

Charity shops are amazing when it comes to helping with your rubbish removal. You can send any clothing that is still wearable to your favourite charity for them to sell on at cheaper prices to other members of the public. Everyone benefits when you choose to recycle clothes in this way, the planet because the clothing isn’t ending up at landfill, the charity who are making money on your old clothing and the customer who can pick up pieces at bargain prices. Here at Clearabee, this is one of our preferred methods of recycling because of the huge benefits that it has to society as a whole.

Learn how to repair clothes

Often we put clothing on the rubbish removal pile because they are in need of repair, rather than because we have fallen out of love with the item. Imagine how much money you could save yourself if you could learn to carry out minor repairs. Whether it’s sewing up a seam that has come undone, replacing a button or darning a hole, it can be done if you just spend a bit of time learning. There are plenty of people on the internet with videos and tutorials showing you how you can repair your clothes, why not learn with them? Remember too, that the fewer clothes we buy, the less impact we have on the planet. Production of clothing does cost the planet a lot in terms of emissions and use of natural resources. Reduce your purchases where you can.


If your clothes are really only fit for the rubbish removal pile, you could consider upcycling them. Could you, for instance, join two items together to create something new and unique? There are plenty of websites out there designed to give you inspiration and teach you the basic skills needed to upcycle your clothing if you do fancy giving it a try. Alternatively, if you don’t feel all that creative, old clothing makes perfect dishcloths. Just cut out rectangles from clothing that is past in and hey presto, you have a washable cloth.


If there is really nothing else that you can do with your old clothing then it is time to consider recycling. There are plenty of organisations out there who will take your old textile pieces and turn them into something new. We know about them because we use them here at Clearabee. When you use us for rubbish removal, you can be sure that we will divert as much of your rubbish away from landfill as possible. When it comes to textiles, if they are wearable, we will send them to the charity shop. If they are a bit past it we will ensure they end up at a specialist recycling centre. trust us, we hate sending anything to landfill, especially textiles.