How to resolve high-risk countries Online Threats?

There are some countries that carries high internet security risk and cyber-crimes are very common in themand if your devices are not secure, there will be a high risk of getting your confidential information such as address, password, banking details and credit card informationexposed.

But there are ways to protect your devices such as through buying certified anti-viruses, firewalls systems and VPN networks. Although they will not come cheap but they will protect your devices from all the online threats.

  • Malware and Viruses: Malware or malicious software are viruses that enters your devices with the sole purpose of stealing information from your system. If your device exposed to such threats, you cannot find out when such software has entered your system and what information have they stolen. Some types of malware are spyware, Trojan horses and worms.


  • Data Vampires. There are loads of websites, search engines and ISP’s that look to spy on every activity you perform such as what websites you have browsed, what have you bought online and then sell your datato other websites or social media platforms against financial gains.


  • Hijackers can be very dangerous as they rob your information from your system and then can blackmail you by holding your private and personal data as ransom and ask you for money in return for not sharing that information with others. Hijackers use botnets to attain the processing power.


  • SPY Eyes: Spy eyes can be your government, any institute or even ISPs that without your knowledge spy on the activities you perform on social media your personal data without even getting into your system just like your next-door neighbor spying on you from their own house.

How a VPN can protect in such a dangerous environment?

VPNs (not the free ones) can help you as they have the firewall protection, end-to-end data encryption, IPS and IDS prevention and malware protection technologies in them. They come with a cost but putting some much needed protection on your devices is worth a lot.

One of the premium VPN’s that is super secure is CASVPN that uses AES 265 encryption that protects your data through proper encryption of your data whenever it is traveling through internet. No government or spy software or malware can sniff the data or information you send or are to receive thus eliminating their threats.

When you are usingaVPN, you can choose any server you want like CASVPN offers 150+ servers in over 50 countries around the world. Once yourVPN Connection is active, your original location and IP addresses will get secure as data vampires, hijackers and spy eyes will be unaware of your data that is being transferred nor your surfing history. To them you will be anonymous.


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