What the Recent Facebook Changes Mean to You – The Open Graph, the “Like” Button and More

At their recent F8 Conference, Facebook and their CEO Mark Zuckerberg made loads of announcements concerning changes they have got made, and I’ve been getting a few questions about them.

Truth be told, some of what turned into announced changed into a bit complex for the casual, regular enterprise owner consumer of Facebook—so that you’re no longer by myself in case you heard approximately it and kinda went “huh?”

Rather than write a prolonged analysis of all of the fine details of what’s been lately changed, I concept I’d deliver a breakdown of the extra vital nuggets a small commercial enterprise owner should be privy to.

1) You No Longer “Fan” a Page

What had been as soon as called “Fan Pages” at the moment are referred to as “Official” Pages, to differentiate them from Community Pages–which I’ll address underneath. It will take a little getting used to, as all people had come to throw around the “fan” terminology when discussing their enterprise’ presence on Facebook. Now, you “Like” a Page as a substitute.

Not keen on this new terminology? Many humans aren’t. I’ve taken to regarding fanatics as “supporters” now—which alas has a little much less pizazz in my thoughts.:) I turned into one of the people who believed “fan” healthy due to the idea which you had been constructing a network or fanbase around your business.

But unfortunately, such is the evolution of 그래프게임 하는방법.

If you had been the usage of Facebook’s Fan Box widget to your site, the Fan button routinely modified to Like when they rolled out the trade. However, if you are the usage of a custom badge or button you will most likely need to alternate it or find a new one with the brand new terminology.

Need a few ideas for the way to phrase inviting human beings to aid your Page? If you don’t love pronouncing “Like us on Facebook,” possibly say “Join us on Facebook,” “Visit us on Facebook” or “Support our Page.”

2) The Facebook “Open Graph” and the “Like” Button

Previously, Facebook Connect became device that allowed software, websites, cellular devices and extra to integrate with Facebook and ship statistics between them. Facebook Connect is now being phased out, because at the recent F8 Conference, Facebook announced the launch of something called “The Open Graph.” In his keynote speech, Mark Zuckerberg said that this would allow human beings to “have instantly social and personalised stories everywhere they move.”

This new platform will permit web sites to proportion records with each different without problems. For instance, in case you hook up with a website like Yelp via your profile on Facebook, Yelp will then have access to statistics you’ve made to be had publicly approximately your favored bands or cuisine, and can be capable of take that into consideration while supplying you with information approximately live performance venues or restaurants. This might be the maximum arguable (creepy?) issue of the new modifications.

Also introduced on the conference changed into the creation of the commonplace “Like” button that can be brought to any website. For instance, you may like (or “recommend”) a CNN.Com article to share it with your pals on Facebook. The Like button will then also show you which of your Facebook buddies have also already preferred the identical article. When you like something, this hobby will display up on your Facebook Wall and in the News Feed.

If you are a WordPress user, you could now installation a plugin if you want to add the Like button for your own weblog, and you could get that on the WordPress site.

3) Pages and Profiles More Connected

You may additionally have additionally observed that Facebook has now made the hyperlink among Pages and your profile more connected. Profile facts such as your metropolis, place of birth, hobbies, etc. Can now be connected to Pages. You’ll see that your Info tab has modified and that the sections there now link to Pages that reflect your hobbies.

This is probably my least favorite tweak that Facebook has made (I’m simply no longer loving the manner they have automatically reorganized all of my hobbies, schooling info, and many others.), however it is important to observe that users have the capacity to control their privacy for these connections. You can edit the facts via journeying “Edit my Profile” below your picture and modify your privateness from the Privacy Settings menu.

Four) The Introduction of Community Pages

Facebook additionally currently delivered the concept of “Community Pages” which you can additionally create from the identical web page as Official Pages, except on the proper-hand side. Community Pages are for “unofficial” Pages that are created through Facebook users in help of positive reasons and subjects. Of these Pages, Facebook says “Generate help on your favored purpose or subject matter by way of developing a Community Page. If it turns into very popular, it will likely be adopted and maintained via the Facebook community.”