3 cute nursery decor items from Nordlife

3 cute nursery decor items from Nordlife

Nordlife is an Australian company, that sells everything you can think of when it comes to Nursery Decor – from quilted blankets and decorative cushions to cot canopies, baby mobiles, bibs and nursery bags, they have it all. Most importantly, the wide range of music mobiles is definitely something they are well known for.

3 nursery decor highlights

Music Mobiles

These exquisite hand finished music mobiles are perfect to hang in the nursery – above the cot, the change table or why not in front of the window. The sound and look of the music mobile acts as an audiovisual stimulation and helps you create a relaxing environment for your little bubba.

The embroidery is finished by hand – done perfectly down to the finest detail and hence the variations may sometimes occur.

Star Cushions

One of ‘star’ products that Nordlife sells are the decorative star-shaped cushions by a Danish brand Cam Cam Copenhagen! The star cushions are very popular and always popping up on our Instagram – so for some nursery inspo make sure you check out the pics on Insta.

All of the star cushion have a beautifully organic cotton fabric cover and a 100% Oeko-tex standard polyester filling – making the cushions very high quality and well sought after. The cushions can pretty much be used anywhere and they can tie the entire room together when paired with matching Cam Cam products.

Baby Buntings

Beautiful Baby Buntings bring life to any nursery or kids room! The garlands and buntings are 100% organic cotton and very friendly to our enviroment. This means no toxic chemicals or pesticides have been used when growing or even processing the cotton. For further sustainability and to reduce the amount of waste, the Garlands are made of left over fabrid from other products and collections.