Closer Look At Gambling Superstitions Around The World

Description:The world of gambling is packed with superstitions. Find out what lengths players will go to and what beliefs they’ll hold in an attempt to win big.

Global Gambling Superstitions

We have all heard about how doing certain things can inevitably cause a predetermined outcome. For example, breaking a mirror gives you seven years of bad luck or how finding a four-leaf clover will give you all the luck in the world. These superstitions have shaped our lives and our society. More so when you’re trying your best to be lucky at all costs. Perhaps when you’re in pursuit of that major jackpot…

While some people find the notion ridiculous, there are many that firmly believe in the power of superstitions. As a result, gamblers across the globe have their own superstitions that they follow religiously in pursuit of a win. In most cases, these superstitions are a bit more extreme than four-leaf clovers. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest superstitions.

  1. Seeing Red

Gamblers in China believe that the colour red is exceptionally lucky, especially when placing a bet. The luck of the colour red is so alluring that many gamblers find ways to wear the colour red when gambling. The item of clothing doesn’t matter, as long as the colour red is present at the time of the bet.

  • Male genitalia

This one is particularly weird, and the fact that it comes from Thailand should speak for itself. In Thailand, gamblers wear a rather unusual medallion in the shape of a penis when playing Poker or other games. These necklaces are called Palad Khik and that means honourable surrogate penis. The power of this medallion is so strong that it’s even believed to help you in getting lucky with the ladies.

  • Voodoo

In South Africa, “muti magic” or voodoo is believed to be incredibly powerful when it comes to ensuring luck.  This has been taken to extremes where people smoke dried up vulture brains as it gives them the power to predict the outcome of matches as well as lucky numbers. This superstition is so popular that it’s put vultures on the endangered species list.

  • Keep it clean… Or not

A stereotype exists that Indian gamblers are poorly groomed and dirty, and while it is a stereotype, many gamblers live up to this claim. Some gamblers avoid cleaning or grooming themselves on specific days. This includes shaving or cutting your nails on Tuesdays, washing your hair on Thursdays or cutting your nails on a Saturday. Strange, but true.

  • Itchy hands

Some Americans believe that if your palms itch, you’re going to be getting money really soon. This money could be a big win, a bonus or any other windfall. This belief has arisen from Native American and African myths.

Strange but True

Superstitions have been passed down for generations, and although they are strange, they seem to give people the confidence to take on the world of land-based and online gambling casinos – and in some cases – they do actually win.