Entrepreneurs Become “ONtrepreneurs” – Marketing, Buying and Selling Online

Entrepreneurs are having a field day since the dawning of the Internet Age. While there is great opportunity in the old-fashioned offline marketplace, “great” must be replaced by “infinite” when speaking of the mega-profitable online world we all love and enjoy so much. It is thee marketplace of marketplaces that’s ever been. And that’s where “entrepreneur” shifts into “ONtrepreneur.” job

Now, just because you take your product, business or money-making idea online doesn’t assure you of instant success and a fat bank account (these days, maybe it’s a stuffed mattress). But, it does certainly give you an opportunity to really hit the big time. Things can go viral in an instant considering how linked up we all are by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Gmail and millions of blogs and websites. Overnight success (and failure) happens quite frequently thanks to the Web. You can even do most of your advertising for free thanks to this proliferation.

You can market, buy and sell anything your little heart desires online (as if I had to tell you). A business can sprout up in an instant for no cost or next to nothing. Online entrepreneurs (“Ontrepreneurs”) can make money like mad. I just want to be one of them, and so can you.

It’s a good thing and it’s a bad thing. On one hand, anybody can gain an instant free online presence. On the other hand, the playing field is becoming more crowded by the second. And then, there’s always the omnipresent privacy issues to worry about. But, that’s the price you pay to play the game, I suppose.

That being said, becoming an “ONtrepreneur” is simply too irresistible for many of us to stand idly by. We all want success worse than ever, it appears to me. The full-on power behind going online is almost beyond comprehension. The rate of acceleration of both technical improvements and innovations is staggering. Each and every one brings its own set of problems, but they also afford even more opportunity for we incurable “hope junkies.”

I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than on this computer, writing this article. Every word brings a nano-burst of excitement as I think of you reading it and seeing where I’m going with it.

Anyone can do this. The more you do it, the better you get and the easier it becomes. For me, I candidly admit that it’s an addiction by now. But, it’s one I can certainly live with. You might even surprise yourself and jump in, too, one day.

With economic and financial despair being the prevailing mood today, it always feels better trying to proactively combat it, which is exactly what I am doing, no holds barred.

Being an ONtrepreneur is the answer to everything I’ve ever wanted. I may never achieve great wealth or get rich quick, but it’s the golden carrot that keeps me intrigued. If you have the right business at the right time and place, anything can happen. It’s my faith in this constant dream, coupled with a fierce persistence that I never knew I had, that keep me coming back morning after morning, midday after midday, and night after night. I also view it as one of those “it’s the journey, not the destination” type of propositions. Pursuing my dreams is the greatest reward all by itself, regardless of whether it pans out monetarily or not.

When you have extreme passion and exercise its energy in positive ways, great things can happen. Is it guaranteed? Absolutely not! All I need to know is that it is definitely possible. That’s all it takes. As one of my best friends always says: “Ya never know.” I’m good with that.