Redefining Health in the 21st Century

What we cannot define, we can not discover; for our definition determines our destination. One of humanity’s best debacle is the allegiance to records as a preferred for the present and the future. Humanity is so much indebted to antique thoughts to the factor where, wondering some thing new looks like a disloyalty to the legends of antique. History ought to no longer be a status quo or an imperative popular for the present and the destiny, but an thought for the correction of the present and the redirection of the future for a better future for mankind. With respect to reaching fitness for all in the twenty first century, humanity should outgrow old mind and approaches, to the expounding of new strategies, methods, ideologies, and techniques in securing health for mankind. “The massive troubles we are dealing with can’t be solved at the equal stage of wondering we where at while we created them nutriforma.

In the beyond, fitness turned into defined as having both frame and mind working in exact order, free from diseases and pains. If this declaration has been unable to offer humanity with perception on securing health for humanity, then it’s miles expedient for humanity to assume out of the fame quo. There is no way humanity can remedy the health demanding situations of the twenty first century besides within the braveness of exploring the unknown. With appreciate to the 21st century health plan, health is described as an integrated state of being, of the human frame, soul, and spirit functioning in absolute soundness. Thus, fitness isn’t always necessarily the absence of pains or bodily signs and symptoms of diseases and illnesses. There are people with out a symptoms of pains, illness and diseases, but they’re near their grave. There are equally those who died while not having any physical symptoms of pains or disease. Though they appeared to be best, yet they died due to the fact they had been not wholesome.

Health is much extra than the absence of pains or disorder, however an included country of being with the human body, soul, and spirit functioning in absolute soundness. Health is an included effect with a motive; which means, fitness isn’t always a twist of fate or an unintended incidence however the resultant impact of the relative functioning of the human frame, soul and spirit in absolute soundness. Let me make this clear, health isn’t a project we can solve via our shallow efforts. That is why regardless of all human efforts in accomplishing fitness, health has remained a excessive undertaking. To achieve health for all in the twenty first century, humanity should stop joking. We ought to realize that, we’re managing a venture which if no longer resolved, billions of humans may be worn out earlier than the give up of this century. For fitness to be executed within the twenty first century, humanity must undertake a greater complete and integrated method thinking of the full man or women; body, soul and spirit. I hope with the aid of now we’re civilized sufficient to know that the human being isn’t always an animal however a complicated being with 3 associated dimensions (body, soul and spirit).Any fitness plan which focuses only on one measurement of the man or women will end in failure. A human being ought to improve in his frame, soul and spirit to revel in health.

Insight at the Human Being:

The person is the most complicated specie in all of lifestyles. Until now, little has been observed about the human being. What is in life as information concerning the individual is but “skeleton”. The person is a international yet unexploited. The lack of understanding about the totality and the truism of the human being is the finest mission to human evolution and development. The full expertise of the truism of the human being may be the cease of human distress and frustration. The man or women is essentially a supernatural being, possessing a soul and residing internal a body. This announcement is a well-known reality agreed upon by means of all Universalists and similarly showed in the general lab guide or the divine charter. The spirit of man is the ‘real property’ of man, with the soul as the intermediary between the spirit of man and the body. The human spirit possesses the science of existence, which defines people as having the supremacy over all outside elements.

When this recognition is transferred to the human soul and body, human immunity and resistance towards illnesses and diseases is stronger. The truth that the human body is the best seen size of the individual does now not outline the body as the sole constituent of man. Limiting the human being to simply his bodily frame may be the most tragic error. Humans aren’t animals. The maximum tragic instructional mistake is that of classifying people and animals below the equal institution. This instructional mistake is due to the limited angle about the man or women. This attitude considers the human frame as the only constituent of man. This instructional mistake has produced a low mentality and consciousness amongst human beings. Today, people stay and behave as animals due to this mistake. Humans even go through the equal fate as animals. The day has sooner or later come to eliminate this human lack of awareness.

Health versus healing

One of the errors humanity has made for numerous centuries is that of substituting health for healing. This error has lasted for see you later that humanity has unconsciously resorted to recuperation applications within the name of health applications.
Healing itself being the slow restoration of a unwell or diseased human is different from health, that’s a nation of absolute soundness (body, soul and spirit). Substituting health for recovery makes humanity more reactive than pro-energetic. When we awareness on fitness, we emerge as more seasoned-lively and preventive than reactive.

Focusing on recovery entails allowing the human being to initially be attacked by way of sickness and disorder earlier than seeking out her recuperation. While health entails pro-active investment to have a person sound in frame, soul and spirit as an integrated attempt in the direction of freedom from diseases and illnesses. Healing is a improving and a remedy from pains but health is a state of being. One may be healed today and ill tomorrow however fitness implies, an person is sound in frame, soul and spirit. Friend, healing as to health is incredibly cheap and sometimes clean to come by, but fitness is a leap forward which demands quite a few focus and concentration on one’s frame, soul and spirit conditions.

With appreciate to the twenty first century fitness plan, illness and sickness is considered as an effected state of being, caused by a deficiency in a single’s frame, soul and spirit condition. This implies, an individual is bad, unwell and diseased as long as there exists a deficiency in his/her frame, soul, and spirit situation. This explains why people someday die without any form of outward sickness or pains. The problem is that, we think a sick individual should be below a few form of pains. There are people searching distinctly OK, however terribly sick. This is because not all sicknesses are physical. Body diseases can be effortlessly diagnosed, but sicknesses of the soul and of the spirit can not be identified thru any medical way. Thus, for a person to be termed healthy, such need to keep a relative country of soundness in body, soul and spirit. Equal and relative functioning of the human body, soul and spirit in best concord and soundness is the eternal access to fitness.

Most of what’s described as fitness centres these days are but restoration centres yet to arrive the full repute of a fitness centre. A healing centre is any centre, be it clinical, psychiatric or non secular centre wherein the sick and diseased are cater for or ministered to. While a fitness centre is a centre of included technology, wherein profound and prolific insight at the person (body, soul and spirit) are communicated and imparted; for you to empower humans both of their body, soul and spirit to forever triumph over diseases and diseases. Such a centre must be a studies centre which gradually researches on both instructional, medical and insightful divine information and intelligence needed for human supremacy over diseases and diseases. Healing requires medicine however health requires plenty extra than medicine. The greatest funding in health recognition is statistics.

I am now not speakme right here of everyday expertise; I am speakme of superior instructional, medical and divine knowledge containing the truth which unveils the truism of the person (body, soul and spirit) with all their relative wishes and demands. Thus, while you locate a true health centre, you will see an area in which the total technology of the man or women is unveiled, with instructors and doctors who’re inter-complete, possessing uncommon insight on the whole technology of human existence and capability. Presently, such centres are non existent. This is the best venture of the twenty first century.

The whole international is doted with recovery centres catering and administering to the sick and diseased without any investment in their schooling with appreciate to achieving fitness. This has caused the situation we’ve these days of humans constantly victimized and continually dependent on tablets and other healing mediums with out ever graduating to fitness. You may also ask what my proposition is: my proposition is for each restoration centre to combine her efforts of relieving those who are ill and diseased with teaching the humans on health sciences. This is the most effective manner we can conquer illnesses and sicknesses within the 21st century. Healing – Health = a victimized human, one continually dependent on tablets, instead of the truism of health.

It seems to me that, humanity is dropping religion on pursuing total health. We have been cowed by way of severa health challenges to the point in which, we’re as a substitute analyzing a way to function in abnormalities. The preferred slogan in maximum locations today is the way to stay with AIDS, malaria, or any other sickness. Such cowardly technique and mind-set can’t be rewarded with insight on human overcome diseases and illnesses. While in search of for better approaches in relieving the unwell and the diseased, we must now not fail to embark on continuous studies, which will uncover the reality as a way to forever empower human beings to conquer sicknesses and sicknesses. This is the assignment of the 21st century.

It turned into believed that, nobody may want to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest; thousands attempted and failed; and their failure bolstered the perception of the sector. When the world slept of their pessimism, a person via call Edmond Hilary pressured the sector to change their notion; through getting to the pinnacle of Mount Everest. It became similarly believed that a metal item could not fly. The Wright brothers equally pressured the world to change their belief by way of their invention of the aero plane. The international currently believes that overall health is impossible for the individual. I believe we’re that era to exchange that statement. Let’s muster enough braveness and faith. We can make it. Health is an included state of being, with the human frame, soul and spirit functioning in absolute soundness.

DR Benard Etta is an author of 50 books, a Social scientist, visionary, educator, mentor, train and CEO of Nation Builders International, an educative and human aid corporation. Man of the year 2005, nomination via American Biographical Institute. Third most influential anglophone Cameroonian, nomination by a Cameroonian main news paper (Cameroon post) 2003. Honorary Doctorate diploma on special subject Human Resource Development, from existence management University USA and so forth NATION BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL, YAOUNDE CAMEROON