S-Thunder Grenade Launcher – Looking at The S-Thunder Composite Pistol Grip M203 Grenade Launcher

In the sport of airsoft the players and manufacturers keep increasing the realism of the equipment and also the battle experience. One of the new items that have become very popular is the M203 grenade launchers. Many people use the launchers that fit under their gun. However these launchers can add extra weight and take up space making other equipment like fore grips unusable. thunderball results tonight

These M203 airsoft grenade launcher units are also fairly expensive which keeps them out of reach of some players. To solve this problem S-thunder recently launched a the new S-Thunder Composite grenade launcher pistol. This is a single shot hand-held pistol launcher. It will hold a standard length M203 shell such as S-Thunders own Shocker Shell.

It will be available in three different versions. The first version is the pistol launcher only and has a suggested retail price of $69.99. The other versions of the S-Thunder composite launcher are complete kits that include the pistol, C02 charging stick and a mini grenade shell. The kits are available in either a BB shell of a single shot foam ball launcher, both versions have an MSRP of $149.

One thing that S-Thunder did when designing this unit is to look at what some other versions of this type of product did wrong. First the made it affordable so almost anyone can afford one. Secondly they took extra time in developing the trigger unit so that it will fire C02 charged shells with little effort. This optimized trigger system will help you fire off your round smoother and faster than other launchers on the market giving you the advantage over your opponents!

Another cool feature of the new S-Thunder composite launcher is the fact that you can change pistol grips on it. It comes with a standard M4 grip and can accept most M4 compatible grips. It also has an easy to use safety switch that works well and functions very smoothly!

S-Thunder plans to release other models of hand-held launchers later in the year. Included in this line up is a longer version for long core grenade shells and also a metal version is due out later this year that will have atop rail for mounting on a tactical rail. This will allow users to mount the launcher under their gun just like a standard M203 launcher. So if you are looking for some fun and realism in your next airsoft battle check out the new M203 launcher from S-Thunder!