What is the Difference Between Belt, Screw, and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

A garage door seems like it would be a simple thing. After all, it’s just a door that allows you easy access into your garage. It is designed to stop the elements from coming into your garage and to allow you to get into and out of your garage easily. Garage doors, however, when not operated by a remote controlled device, were slightly annoying to deal with because to operate them, you had to get out of your warm, comfortable vehicle and physically open the door. Then garage door openers were created. These are a mechanized device that allows you to be able to simply push a button and your door will open automatically for you. While most garage door openers look the same to the average person, they actually aren’t. There are a few different types of garage door openers, but the most popular are belt driven, chain driven, and screw driven. Here we’ll discuss the difference between the three kinds. Read more about garage door repair Tacoma

Screw driven
A screw-driven garage door opener works by using a type of screw to open the door. What does this mean? Whenever you operate the motor, a screw will turn, which will then, in turn, pull up the door. Many people believe that screw driven systems are better because you have no belt to have to worry about maintaining. Screw driven systems are usually self lubricating and are considered a mid grade door opener solution. It is quieter than a chain drive but not as good as a belt drive. There are also less moving parts in a screw drive.

Belt driven
A Belt drive system is the top of the line system for any residential garage door opener system. A belt driven opener is similar to a chain driven opener. Once again, when you trigger the motor, the door opens, but this time it opens thanks to a belt system that pulls the door up. Often, people who have a garage door that is underneath a house choose to have a belt driven motor as it is much quieter than its cousin, the chain driven motor. Belt drives are the quietest solution for any door opener. They will typically be the most expensive opener.

Chain driven
A chain driven motor works exactly in the same way as a belt driven motor does, only it utilizes chain to be able to get the garage door up and down again. A chain driven opener can be louder than a belt driven or screw driven one, which can be a problem for people who need quieter doors, but because it is chain, it can often handle more abuse than a belt driven motor can. Chain drives are considered entry level openers and are the most noisy but are the cheapest.

When you’re selecting a new garage door opener, which one do you select? It all depends on your needs. If you’re looking for quiet, go with the screw driven door opener. If you’re looking for quiet without a high price tag, the belt driven door opener is what you want. And if you’re looking to save a little money and don’t care about the noise, the chain driven door opener is exactly what you need. There is a garage door opener for everyone.